Actions and events

Contact to get involved.

The London elections are coming up on 6 May and the Greens have a fantastic opportunity to get more seats in City Hall. In 2015 we had an explosion in the number of members, and with the help of those members - you - we can massively increase Green votes in the elections! We have a chance of getting a Green Mayor and a very good chance of getting 5 Green Assembly Members. So on top of our normal activities, we'll be out doing something every week until May 6th!

What is Leafleting

This is delivering Green Party information leaflets to residents of Tower Hamlets. We have tens of thousands that we need to deliver during the campaign. Please join us - many hands make light work - and explore your local area.

What is a Stall

A stall is normally a table with information leaflets on it, and a few volunteers on hand to give out information.

What is Canvassing

Canvassing involves knocking on people's doors and asking about their local issues or interest in the elections. Daunting to start with, but actually remarkably easy. 

We'd love for any new people to come and helps us with any of our activities. We know how busy London life is, but we also recognise how important it is to get some Green voices into City Hall. Some of the campaign activities that we do may seem daunting, but we can train you and buddy you up so that it all goes smoothly on the day.