68% of Tower Hamlets residents vote to Remain

25 June 2016

Following the results of the UK's referendum on membership of the EU, Tower Hamlets Green Party Chair Dan Lee said:

"This result will come as terrible news to so many. We want to thank the 73011 people (67.46%) in Tower Hamlets who voted to‪ ‎Remain‬. Tower Hamlets, like London, vast swatches of the UK, and large sections of every town and city, thinks we are safer, stronger, better and greener whilst working with our friends across Europe. We hope London and the UK continues to be a safe and welcoming place for all, including our friends from EU. We will work to ensure as much of the UK which we hold dear is protected in what will be a trying few months and years.

He continued: "If anything positive is to come from this, it is that firstly, people engage with the process that leads to our exit over the next few years and make sure that it is both as hard as possible to take away the rights of both UK and EU citizens, whether to move, love or work, and that we leave in the most positive terms possible. Secondly, it is that, as in Scotland, people continue to be more politically engaged and involved, and take positive action in their communities. We hope some of them find the Green Party, and Tower Hamlets Green Party, as the best home for this energy and engagement."


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