John Biggs gives backing to Heathrow expansion and drops opposition to Enderby Wharf

21 July 2016


Greens slam Tower Hamlets Mayor for failing residents and Londoners on air pollution

21 July 2016

Tower Hamlets Green Party has accused Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs of failing both residents and Londoners on air pollution over a series of recent announcements.

At a meeting with residents on 13 July the Mayor expressed support for a third runway at Heathrow airport. Biggs acknowledged that a lot of the extra pollution arises from traffic associated with expanded numbers of people using the airport. However, he said that it was easy for him to support expansion in West London and if the expansion was in East London he would probably oppose it.

Tower Hamlets Council, following a failed recent judicial review [1], have also recently dropped any objections to the planned cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf in Greenwich, opposite the Isle of Dogs.

Tower Hamlets Green Party Chair Dan Lee said: "John Biggs has a responsibility to protect residents' health in our Borough but his recent support for Heathrow expansion and his council's abandoning of opposition to Enderby Wharf on air pollution grounds has seriously called his commitment into question.

"While we welcome recent efforts by the London Mayor as a first step to tackling air pollution [2], including in Tower Hamlets, these developments will set any progress back by years. Expanding Heathrow Airport is going to blight thousands of Londoners lives both with additional noise and air pollution - the Mayor has even admitted that if it were in East London he wouldn't support it. Enderby Wharf meanwhile is going to be a real danger to the health of thousands of Tower Hamlets residents. Tower Hamlets Green Party will continue to oppose this development, and we hope the council sees sense and will still back residents' calls for on-shore power to reduce its negative impacts."





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