Greens call on governors to consult with the community on school name change

16 January 2017

While Tower Hamlets Green Party supports the initiative of our hard-working, under-resourced local educational professions, we believe that schools are the heart of a community, and as such need to reflect the wishes of that community.

The recent announcement by the governing board and head teacher of Osmani Primary School on Vallance Road in Whitechapel to change the school's name to Vallance Primary School in September needs to take into account the wishes of pupils, parents and local residents.

The board does outline that they are desirous to change the name of the school to reflect the changing demographics of the area and is: "a key element of the positioning of the school for the future, [...] broadening [...] the school's appeal to attract a wide range of potential pupils..."

However, current residents, parents and guardians and pupils are proud of the name and cannot see why the board and head teacher wants to change it. We believe that parents, pupils and guardians and the local community should be consulted fully about the name change to canvass their feelings on the change in identity of their school.

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