Alistair Polson says Conservatives have a nerve to blame the election for not dealing with air pollution

24 April 2017

Comment by Green Party candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow, Alistair Polson

Alistair Polson

The Conservatives have a nerve to blame the election for once again postponing their action plan to deal with the UK’s filly, illegal air quality.

We have only reached this stage in the process by relentless action by Client Earth and the European Commission. It is EU law which has made them start their plans. At every stage of the way the government has shown scant concern for the thousands of Londoners who die prematurely as a result of breathing dirty air.

To now postpone again the action plan which they have been forced to put in place is a disgrace.

We need to take strong, urgent steps to protect our children and population from this silent killer.

We should be:

  • banning the most polluting vehicles from our cities
  • planning a scrapage scheme to support people to give up the most polluting cars
  • reviewing dirty developments like Enderby Wharf and the Silvertown Tunnell
  • helping taxi drivers to ditch their dirty vehicles for cleaner ones
  • supporting walking and cycling schemes to get more people out of their cars

And we should be doing it now.

This is why we have written to the Mayors of London and Tower Hamlets, and DEFRA Minister Andrea Leadsom to demand action now.

This is also why we are launching our General Election campaign this Friday at the site of the children's centre which has the worst level of air pollution in the country, which unfortuantely happens to be in our Borough. Our children's health should not be ignored by the government.

Come and join us on Friday to keep the pressure on the government:

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