Alistair Polson and Bethan Lant focus on stopping extreme Brexit, air pollution, and protecting young people

28 April 2017

Tower Hamlets Green Party launched their general election campaign for the Bethnal Green and Bow and Poplar and Limehouse seats on Friday 28 April by focusing on the health and wellbeing of young Londoners and the importance of protecting environmental regulations from Brexit.

Bethan, Caroline, Alistair 

Candidates Alistair Polson (Bethnal Green and Bow) and Bethan Lant (Poplar and Limehouse) were joined by members of the public and party outside Around Poplar Children’s Centre. The Children’s Centre was found to have the worst level of air pollution at a school or nursery in the entire United Kingdom in a recent study. They were also joined by Green Party transport spokesperson Caroline Russell AM to speak to members of the public about air pollution, Brexit and the coming election.

Caroline, Bethan

Bethan Lant said:

“Just as they have failed young people, disabled people, those in social care and those striving to make a living, this Tory government has failed Londoners on air pollution and is threatening our children’s health. Around Poplar has the worst level of air pollution in the country; but thousands more children are being exposed to illegal levels. Even now, with vital protections provided by Europe under threat, they are still delaying action. We cannot wait any longer for action.”

Green kids

Alistair Polson said:

“We need Green strong voices in Westminster to stop extreme Brexit. This government has failed vulnerable people, and none are more vulnerable than the kids who come to this children’s centre. Both Bethan and I have strong campaigning backgrounds, speaking up for those most disenfranchised. Labour has two safe seats in Tower Hamlets but the party is in disarray and cannot speak up for people at the time of most need. Every Green vote will send the most positive message possible on 8 June.”

Caroline Russell AM said:

“The government's inaction on air pollution is shameful. They have no plan for the radical action required to increase public transport provision and boost levels of walking and cycling so people have real alternatives to car use for their daily journeys. Greens would support a new Clean Air Act fit to deal with modern day diesel smog and protect us all from the effects of filthy air.”

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