2018 Council and Mayoral Elections: Some of Our Key Policies

26 April 2018

Tower Hamlets Green Party has a range of inspiring policies to create a happier, fairer and more sustainable borough. We'll also use our voice to support the issues at national level.

It really is time for a Green voice on Tower Hamlets Council. Make your first vote Green on 3rd May.

There’s a housing crisis in Tower Hamlets, which successive councils have failed to deal with. Greens will set up a council-run lettings agency and in-house repair company and ensure truly affordable social housing in new developments.


Here in Tower Hamlets, we have some of the worst air pollution in the country, and the effect on our kids’ health is scary. The Greens are the party that takes this seriously, along with making our roads safer.


It’s often young people suffering the worst from the government's unjust austerity programme and increasing social inequality. Greens know that many future problems can be averted by caring for young people in  Tower Hamlets now, with properly funded services.


We will protect our existing green spaces and create new ones because we know how essential they are for  health and wellbeing as well as pleasure.


We want a meaningful second vote on Brexit, including an option to #remain, but we’re also already campaigning to maintain or improve social and environmental protections in the event that we do leave the European Union.


When we’re out talking to residents, we often hear about what a mess the council makes of recycling. It shouldn't be this difficult! Greens want services to be consistent across the borough, with clear information and easily obtainable bags.


Our local businesses are struggling under high rents and ruthless corporate development. But Greens are very much on the side of local business and will work hard to bring life back to our high streets.


We Greens know anti-social behaviour is a huge issue in #TowerHamlets. While we want enough visible policing to make us all feel safe, we know that prevention is better than cure. We have the policies that will keep people off the streets in the first place.


Greens whole-heartedly welcome EU Citizens to the UK and Tower Hamlets. We want to guarantee the rights of EU citizens to remain in the UK, ensure reciprocal arrangements for UK Citizens in the EU, and preserve freedom of movement for us all.


We’ve long stood up for LGBTIQA+ rights. We stand against discrimination and we're fighting for bodily autonomy, legal recognition for trans and non-binary people, access to PrEP and other healthcare, and protection for LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers.

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