Donate to our Crowdfunder to elect Greens in London and Tower Hamlets

23 February 2021

Help us raise funds to help us fight the London Assembly and Mayor of London Elections 2021!
This election is held under a proportional voting system so every vote counts, which makes it one of the most important election campaigns the Greens can fight. 


Visit our Crowdfunder page here: Tower Hamlets Green Party Crowdfunder

What will your funds be used for?

We will be using your generous donations to print posters and leaflets for the campaign. We know that this is the most effective way to have an impact on our voters, so your help will have a real impact on how many people we are able to reach.

Tim Kiely is standing for the London Assembly for City & East. His statement to voters is as follows:

"I am standing for a London that is cleaner, safer and offers a better quality of life for all of its residents. I promise to fight for cleaner air, more liveable streets, properly supported services for youth and education and transparency from our local democracy. Together we can make London an example of what a green city can be."

Sian Berry is the Green Party's London Mayoral candidate. Find more information about Sian's campaign for London mayor here: Sian Berry for London

Thank you for your support!

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