Clarion Housing Association protest attended by Nathalie Bienfait

6 October 2021

Recent events show us that social housing tenants must have more protections. For example, the eviction of tenants of Clare House in Bow at the end of September shows that housing associations like Clarion find it too easy to exploit social housing tenants.

Local Green Party campaigner, Nathalie Bienfait joined a protest against Clarion in Bow organised by the London Renters Union. During the protest, many shocking stories of exploitation, neglect and bad practice were heard as more and more people came to join the protest outside the Clarion office in Bow.

Nathalie said “attending the protest has shown me that housing association landlords cannot be left in charge of the housing needs of residents. Tenants of large blocks like Clare House rely on organisations like Clarion for their safety and they also deserve compassion and respect. I feel that councils can do more to fight for individuals and not allow service to slip.”

Policy focus: social housing in Tower Hamlets

As well as problems with housing associations, the housing market in Tower Hamlets is geared against lower income households.

How would we help?

We believe that the housing issues we see are problems of disorganisation and lack of political leadership. If you elect a Green councillor in May 2022, they would push for:

• Prioritise council housing instead of ’social housing’ managed by housing associations.

• Hold housing associations to account and defend tenants.

• Renovate buildings that stand empty across the borough to provide housing.

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