School Street at Chisenhale

14 September 2021

Since the start of lockdown we have seen communities across Tower Hamlets and the UK take grassroots action to reclaim their streets for people and families rather than private vehicles.

Around Chisenhale Primary School a new play-space now stretches into Chisenhale Road, giving the twin benefits of increased play area for the children and preventing car traffic using the road as a turning circle. The play area is surrounded by green plots. The lack of vehicle traffic allows children and families to enjoy the space in safety, and with cleaner, more breathable air. The space has been used both for play and for learning, with PE, dance and drama lessons all taking place outside along with cycle and scooter training.

Under threat

Sadly, it seems that the scheme is now being threatened by Tower Hamlets Borough Council, in particular the play spaces on Vivian Road and Chisenhale Road.

Green Party campaigner Nathalie Bienfait, said “These are the kinds of spaces which we need to build if we are to take meaningful action on the Climate Emergency, and create better communities for all the people who live there. It is clear that the School Street around Chisenhale School is making the whole area better for residents, and the Council should be supporting it for everyone’s benefit.”

Tower Hamlets Green Party supports these school streets as part of the wide range of traffic-calming measures we need to create more human-centred streets for people to live, work and play.

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